Victorian Conservatories

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    A Victorian conservatory is the most popular style of conservatory. Its classic style makes it suitable for most homes, from period properties to new builds and modern homes.

    The Victorian conservatory gets its name from the style of architecture that was common during the reign of Queen Victoria, stretching from 1837 until 1901. High Victorian style is famous for its ornate, vaulted rooms and eclectic design that draws on a mix of historical and exotic influences.

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    Main features of a Victorian conservatory

    Victorian conservatories have a distinctive style. A typical design will feature a bay-fronted shape with three, five or seven sides, topped with a steeply pitched roof replete with ornate edge rails. While the original design called for full floor-to-ceiling glass sides, modern interpretations may include half-height dwarf walls made of brick to accommodate power sockets and radiators.

    Larger Victorian conservatories may feature a P-shaped layout which incorporates a lean-to conservatory that runs across the width of the connecting building and a linked section placed at a right angle, extending out from the house. It may include an internal lantern feature in the centre of the roof topping the structure with Victorian splendour.

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