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    You may have never heard of an Orangery, whilst most people are familiar with Conservatories very few have actually heard of an Orangery. An Orangery is a form of room which is often labelled as a “home extension” that can be used in the same way a Conservatory can. Orangeries offer home owners the chance to extend their living space in style whilst offering styling & design that is different from your typical conservatory.

    If you are stuck on choosing between an Orangery or a Conservatory why not give one of our specialists a call to discuss your requirements.

    The Benefits of Orangery

    Thermal Efficiency

    Much like an extension by design, modern glazing makes orangeries a space to use all year-round. Energy efficient A-rated windows in the wall frames are combined with a flat orangery roof design. The raised glazed lantern roof in the centre is the focal point, which harvests heat and light straight from the sun. This helps to reduce your energy bills in the colder months.

    Home Value

    An orangery adds a spacious reception room to your property . This makes it a versatile space to use as a lounge, studio, study or even kitchen that is sure to be a big selling-point should you look to put your property up for sale.

    Natural Light

    With large windows – often stretching from floor to roof – and a glass roof system that pulls light from a wider angle than flat roof lights, your new orangery is guaranteed to turn the brightness up in your home. Make the most of the light from the sun with a choice of double or triple glazing.

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