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    Our Range of Composite Doors

    Composite doors are now the preferred choice of double-glazed external doors for many homeowners, due to the huge advantages that composite doors have over the other choice like upvc and wood

    Durability, strength, security, thermal efficiency, weather resistant, low-maintenance and life expectancy are few of the great benefits of a composite door.

    composite exterior doors look like a traditional, high-end hardwood door but with contemporary touches and a durable interior core.

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    We have 80 + designs for you to choose from our product range

    Customise your chosen design with a selection of colours, door furniture and glass options to find the perfect look for your home.

    Why Choose a Composite Front Door?

    Composite doors bring together the traditional, high-end look of a hardwood door with an insulating interior made of different materials including wood, uPVC, foam insulation and steel reinforcement. These durable internal materials are what gives a composite door its name.

    1. Thermal efficiency
      Composite doors are made from either a 44m or 48mm thick door panel with insulating materials inside. They keep the heat in and the cold out with a U-Value rating that exceeds Building Regulations.
    2. Security
      Rest easy knowing your composite front door or composite back door features the UK’s most secure locking system
    3. Kerb appeal
      A brand new composite front door lives and breathes the kind of individuality that makes the neighbours jealous. They are an excellent investment if you’re thinking of selling or enhancing the look of your home.
    4. Beautiful colours
      Put your own stamp on your front door with an exclusive composite door colour range from us. You can even choose a different colour for the inside and outside.
    5. Long-lasting
      Composite doors are resistant to warping, rotting and fading and have an average lifespan of more than 30 years.

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