Edwardian Conservatories

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    Edwardian conservatories reflect the distinctive architectural style popular during the reign of King Edward VII from 1901 and 1910.

    Edwardian architecture and design rejected the highly decorated designs of the Victorian era. It focused instead on cleaner lines and lighter colours with less pattern and ornamentation.

    Edwardian conservatories are less ornate than Victorian conservatories. They feature a simpler shape, less detailing and ornamentation and plain windows to let in as much natural light as possible. As such, Edwardian conservatories allow for more usable living space than a similar-sized Victorian conservatory.

    Main features of an Edwardian conservatory

    Edwardian conservatories have several distinct features including a signature flat front. This ties into a square or rectangular base shape design that extends up to the roofline. The square, functional design of an Edwardian conservatory is a complete contrast to the multi-faceted design of its Victorian predecessor.

    An Edwardian conservatory’s more modern styling means it can work with both French doors and bifold doors, which can be set across the entire width of the conservatory. It’s possible to mix dwarf walls into the design, adding more substance to the overall build.

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