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    Lean-to conservatories – also known as Mediterranean or sun-rooms – are a cheap and effective way to add more living space. A lean-to conservatory is the most minimalist type of conservatory, and are ideal as extensions to new builds. Sporting clean lines, they typically have a large, rectangular shape and their design makes them cheaper to manufacture and easier to construct, reducing costs.

    Lean-to conservatories are usually constructed of glass and uPVC, with a solid frame and attached to the side or rear of your home. They can include some brickwork, such as lower walls but mostly consist of glazed panels – making them a cheap and easy-to-build option. They can be built in a range of sizes, making them a good choice for extending even if you have a tiny garden.

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    High-tech roofing system for year-round comfort.

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    High-tech roofing system for year-round comfort.

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    What are the main features of a lean-to conservatory?

    A lean-to conservatory has several distinct features. A typical lean-to conservatory has three glass sides and a sloped glass roof attached to your home. You can opt for small walls – known as dwarf walls – rather than floor-to-ceiling glass – which is essential if you’re planning to plumb in radiators or create a mains spur into the conservatory and install plug sockets.

    The pitched roof on a lean-to conservatory is its defining feature – and it’s a good idea when planning and buying a lean-to conservatory to decide on the degree of pitch required. As the pitch can usually be adjusted during planning, a shallower pitch is ideal for extending a bungalow with less space under its eves, whereas a two-story house can adopt a steeper pitch.

    You’re also not limited to installing a boxy conservatory. You can plan segments to create designs such as L-shaped and T-shaped conservatories, as well as mix-and-match styles such as Victorian or Edwardian, to get the look you want.

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